What Is ‘SnotTape?

Three common reactions when using painters tape:
  1. Grr... Drips!
  2. Ugh... Rips!
  3. Ahh Perfect.

But, Why Is It So Hard?

We’re glad you asked. It’s hard because every surface, from woodwork to drywall, has texture. And texture means gaps. Your typical tape can’t fill those gaps completely, so it can’t keep paint from bleeding through.

Gaps left by typical tape
Grrrrr Gaps!

As a result, even if your surface is smooth, and we’re talking baby’s-bottom-smooth, it’s really hard to get a clean edge.

Gaps left by ‘SnotTape
No Gaps!

Finally! You Can Get The Edge You Want.

Boxes of ‘SnotTape Reels of ‘SnotTape

Because it’s not tape, it’s a paper strip with a barrier of specially formulated polyurethane gel. The gel sticks and fills the gaps — helping you paint clean edges like never before.

* Independent tests prove ‘SnotTape stops paint bleed 50X better than other painters tape. In a side-by-side test on sand and heavy orange peel textured wallboard, Frog Tape® Multi-Surface and ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape Multi-Surface with Advanced Edge-Lock™ allowed paint to bleed over 50% of the test area compared to 1% by ‘SnotTape.