bullnose corner

How We Easily Painted a Laser-Straight Line on a Bullnose Corner

Normally, a bullnose corner would have been a very difficult area to transition to a new color and get a straight line.

close up of a bullnose corner with laser-straight paint line

So how did we achieve the laser-straight line you see here?

Well, at Refined Painting Services, we’re always researching and experimenting with new paint products, looking for items that will make our jobs:

  1. Look better
  2. Last longer
  3. Be easier

We just might have found all three with ‘SnotTape. Our team tried it out on this project, and based on the results, I believe it will be revolutionary for our business and our customers.

Project Details

The walls in the customer’s living room were previously painted all yellow in an eggshell finish. There was plenty of wear and tear (scratches, handprints, dents), as it had been 12 years since the walls last had been painted. Plus, the existing surface had an orange peel drywall texture, adding to the challenge of both taping and painting a straight line.


bullnose corner with laser-straight paint line

We were tasked with matching the existing yellow, except for a red accent on the wall that began on the bullnose corner (which is a feature that creates a rounded instead of sharp angle).

First, we prepped the surface – caulking, patching and sanding wherever necessary, then completely wiping clean with a duster head. Then it was time to apply ‘SnotTape along the vertical edge of the bullnose corner for color separation.

Traditional painter’s tape would only plane over the tops of the existing surface’s orange peel texture, instead of sinking into the gaps. This leads to a problem many of us are all too familiar with: paint bleed.

‘SnotTape could absolutely change the game in the painter’s tape industry, in that it’s not even a traditional tape. It’s a paper strip with a barrier of specially formulated polyurethane gel. The gel fills in the textured gaps we find on nearly every kind of surface.

With the ‘SnotTape paint barrier in place, we painted with Ecologic® ultralow-VOC paint in an eggshell finish from Rodda/Cloverdale. The photos here show the laser-straight line we got – no touch-ups necessary.

As you can see, ‘SnotTape stopped the pesky paint bleed problem and helped us get a nice, clean line in a simple and painless process.

Our future customers can expect to see more a lot more ‘SnotTape being used on their jobs, and with it, straighter and cleaner lines!

Written by Tristan Hamberg

Hello! My name is Tristan Hamberg, proud owner of Refined Painting Services based in Portland, Oregon. Having been born into a family with a long line of painters, it was very early on in my life when I started developing a passion for the paint industry. My father, Joel, started his painting company in 1984, and remains one of Portland's premier painting contractors to this day. Two of my father's brothers also each own very successful painting companies. Aiming to follow in all of their footsteps, I worked under the tutelage of my father for his company starting at the age of 15. Through the years he taught me his invaluable knowledge of painting and managing a business, and at the age of 21, I started my own painting company. We remain very close and still maintain an active business relationship as well.

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