Tips for Your Best Results with ‘SnotTape

Cleaning baseboards with cloth
Make sure your surface is clean. Bits of dirt and dust will inhibit adhesion. But you already clean your surface completely as part of your typical paint prep, right?
Carefully applying ‘SnotTape
Take the time to be exact. You want that edge to be straight. So go ahead and keep repositioning ‘SnotTape until you get it right.
Pressing ‘SnotTape edges down with thumb
Press down only along the edge where you want a barrier. This ensures a strong bond where you need it. Pressing down on the other side may lift ‘SnotTape off the edge you’re painting. If you’ve applied the tape hours or days prior to starting your painting project, be sure to either roll or firmly press the bead edge of the tape onto the wall or surface again. This step will ensure a secure paint barrier.
Using a roller along edge of ‘SnotTape
Press firmly and consistently along the edge for complete adhesion. Working with a long edge? Consider using a roller.
Removing ‘SnotTape from wall after paint is dry
Remove ‘SnotTape within 8 to 12 hours. It’ll come off fine later, but you may notice some darkening of the surface underneath if it’s left on too long.
Using a paint scraper to remove excess paint
Smooth over excess paint along the edge. The ‘SnotTape barrier is so impenetrable that a ridge of paint may form. To remove the ridge before it dries, go over it with a brush. You can let the paint harden for a couple days and then scrape it off with either a putty knife or your fingernail. Another option is to run a roller over it and it will literally disappear.

Start by Testing

Before you start taping for your entire project, be sure to run a small sample test in an area that’s easy to hide.

Every surface is different, so following this important step will help you understand how ‘SnotTape will work in your particular situation. Plus, it won’t take any time at all!

  • Attach one edge of the tape and push firmly and evenly.
  • Slowly pull it away.
  • Watch for the stretch of the bead upon removal.
If you don’t feel any resistance or see any bead stretch when pulling away, then the surface doesn’t have enough energy to adhere the bead and the product is not likely to perform well.
  • If ‘SnotTape for Specialty Surfaces isn’t adhering properly, try ‘SnotTape Multi-surface. If ‘SnotTape Multi-surface isn’t sticking, make sure your worksurface is clean, dry, and clear of dust or other debris.

On some flat or primed surfaces a slight darkening of the surface may occur. If you experience a stain or residue, switch from ‘SnotTape Multi-surface in the gray package to ‘SnotTape for Specialty Surfaces in the black box.

‘SnotTape User Manual

For additional information the ‘SnotTape user manual can be downloaded here